Xalgorithms Alliance aligns with both the demand-side perspective of The Free Software Definition (i.e. user freedoms), and the supply-side perspective of The Open Source Software Definition (i.e. developer methodologies).

The intellectual rights section of the Xalgorithms Alliance Accession Agreement (XAAA) is adapted from the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement, Version 2015-02-03 Our common objective is to ensure that contributions have the desired free/libre/open licensing terms without requiring intellectual rights assignment.

In summary, when a committer submits an unlicensed contribution to this project, Xalgorithms Alliance relies on the following default licenses:

The first three licenses in this list include explicit non-aggression clauses relating to statutory monopolies over ideas (i.e. “patents”). Occassionally Xalgorithms Foundation may post defensive publications to pre-empt the imposition of such monopolies.

On an ad hoc basis, other free/libre/open source licenses may additionally be used by Xalgorithms Foundation in combination with the default licenses, to accommodate certain participation requirements other organizations, or to meet particular business objectives of the Alliance which are not fully accommodated in the above licenses.

In order to make the Lichen component readily adaptable to any deployment environment, it is being provided with two distribution streams from the outset:

  • OpenLichen will comprise the core elements of the system, to be distributed under the permissive Apache License (AL) version 2.0 license, or a more recent version of it.
  • FreeLichen will be a feature-rich derivative of OpenLichen, to be distributed under the unified GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.0, or a more recent version of it.